History of the band -- 7 -- Family values

1993 was a 20th anniversary of "Neoton" and "Kócbabák" forming a single music family, and 1995 was "Neoton"'s 30th anniversary. The band's former members wouldn't want to miss out on these remarkable dates, so György Jakab and Ádám Végvári came up with the idea of holding a grand concert which every ex-member of "Neoton" would participate in. Most of those looked favourably on this proposal, but György Jakab's sudden and severe illness and his unfortunate death in February 1996 along with death of ex-singer Mária Juhász ruined their plans. However, Éva Csepregi and Ádám Végvári recruited guest musicians to honor György Jakab's memory with a concert called "Búcsú" ("Farewell") and a release of eponymous album.

György and Maria's tragic deaths were a shock to everyone. Nevertheless, former members of "Neoton Família" were able to reconcile, deciding to perform together again. Two years after György Jakab's death his former colleagues Éva Csepregi, Ádám Végvári, János Baracs, László Pásztor and Gyula Bardóczi gathered at Budapest Sports Arena to take part in another concert called "Búcsúzni Csak Szépen" to commemorate their departed comrade. The keyboard player for this event was György Jakab Junior, the late musician's son. Ex-singers Éva Fábián, Éva Pál and Erzsébet Lukács also attended this event as guests.

Recovering from a loss they experienced, ex-members of "Neoton" got down to work. It turned out fans still remember and love their songs even after decades. They performed at Sziget festival in 1998 and 1999, arranged releases of several compilations of their old songs.

In the late 1990s László Pásztor and Emese Hatvani created a band called "Neo Tones" consisting of Pásztor's two daughters Patrícia and Noémi and Jakab and Bardóczi's sons, György Jakab Junior and Gábor Bardóczi. In 2000 they released an album titled "Holnap", which included 11 cover versions of the legendary band's songs and one original song titled "Álmodj tovább". In 2002 it was followed by a second album titled "Jöjj el!", containing 11 cover versions of "Neoton Família" and Csepregi Éva's songs. Two years later they released a third album, "Mi vagyunk", which included their own songs.

In 2005, at the strong requests of the fans, Éva Csepregi, Ádám Végvári, János Baracs, László Pásztor and Gyula Bardóczi once again performed together in a three hour show at a huge arena. Following this great show's success its four participants, Éva Csepregi, Ádám Végvári, János Baracs and Gyula Bardóczi created a project named "Neoton Família Sztárjai" ("Stars of Neoton Familia") and held a number of shows in Hungary and its neighbouring countries. During 2005-2007 Gábor Bardóczi, Gyula Bardóczi's son, was also participating in this project. In 2007 both Bardóczi left, and David Heatlie, Éva Csepregi's son, took up drums. In 2009 Budapest Operetta Theater hosted a musical titled "Szép Nyári Nap" ("A Fine Summer Day") based on "Neoton Família"'s greatest hit songs.

By Mikhail Badanin and Kirill Babanin
Translated into English by Andrey Sinelnikov