History of the band

Hungary is one of the most musical European countries. There are more performing musicians in Hungary than in the ten neighbouring countries combined! And, despite Hungary being a Communist state in 1970s, there were bands that gained worldwide renown such as Omega, Lokomotív GT (LGT), Piramis, Illés and, of course, the famous pop-disco band Neoton Família (Newton Family).

Most of Neoton Familia compositions clearly belong to pop, yet there are disco, funk, rock'n'roll and folk songs among them. Their prime dancing hits are energetic, emotionally charged and feisty. The band absolutely stood out thanks to great vocals (singing duo of Éva Pál and Éva Csepregi could be compared with Agneta and Frida of ABBA fame) and a distinctive impressive sound to match. In the early 1980s Neoton Familia songs were as popular in Eastern Europe and USSR as Boney'M or Dschinghis Khan songs, being a staple for any disco, bringing an unusual, intense, spicy yet soulful ambience to the dance floors.

By Mikhail Badanin and Kirill Babanin
Translated into English by Andrey Sinelnikov