Galácz Lajos

Galácz Lajos
guitar, bass, vocals

1965-1972 - Neoton
1973-1976 - Neoton & Kócbabák
1977 - Neoton Família
Lajos Galácz grew up as a mischievous yet tender-hearted and sensitive teenager. He was drawn to creative activities since high school, trying his hand at a number of musical instruments. In 1965 he took part in St. Nicolas Day student festival at the university along with his friend László Pásztor. Their band they called "Neoton" placed second in a competition that was a part of the festival. Freshly formed label Pepita released debut album of "Neoton" named "Bolond város" in 1970. Incidentally, this album was the first major record to be released by Pepita.

In 1968-1969 "Neoton" performed together with young Hungarian pop star Klári Katona (born 20.10.1953), who was Lajos's wife at the time. Klári became a singer in "Kek Csillag" teen band when she was 13, then moved to "Neoton", and started her solo career in 1970. In 1970s she participated in radio talent show "Tessék választani!" 5 times and 6 times in "Made in Hungary" show. In 1972 Klári took a prize at "Táncdalfesztivál" with a song titled "Bővízű forrás", in 1975 took the first prize at "Made in Hungary" with a song titled "Nincs ablak az emberen" and in 1977 won at "Metronóm" TV talent show with a song titled "Tíz percet az évekből". Klári and Lajos's marriage wasn't successful; later she married Gyula Babos (born 1949), "Rákfogó" band guitar player.

As for Lajos's role in the band, in addition to playing guitar he also sung. His heartfelt singing voice graced many songs, including 1969 hit "Kell, hogy várj" ("You Must Wait"). Due to the constant troubles with bass guitar players Lajos had to switch his rhythm guitar to bass. He recorded lead vocals for "Miért nem beszélsz" ("Why Won't You Speak?", 1974), "Kérlek, gyere velem" ("Please Come With Me", 1975) and several other songs. Also in 1975 he composed the lyrics for 7 songs for the upcoming album titled "Menedékház" ("Shelter", 1976), and the following year he composed the lyrics for 5 songs for "Csak a zene" ("Only The Music", 1977), including hit song "Hívlak" ("Invitation"). Lajos composed songs not only for "Neoton"; in 1977 he collaborated with György Jakab, composing a song titled "Szeretném, ha féltékenyebb volnál" which became an entry of "Harangozó Teri" band at "Metronóm" TV contest. 

In the autumn of 1977, after touring Eastern Europe with "Neoton Família", Lajos decided to leave the band and devote more time to his family. He had no hand in music business since then.

By Mikhail Badanin
Translated into English by Andrey Sinelnikov