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Végvári Ádám

Végvári Ádám
born 06.07.1951
guitar, vocals

1970-1971 - Volán
1972-1978 - Universal
1978-1980 - Kati és a Kerek Perec
1980-1990 - Neoton Família
1990-1993 - Éva-Neoton
1994-1996 - Ádám's Family
Famous Hungarian composer, songwriter, singer and guitar player Ádám Végvári was born 6 July 1951. His music career started in 1968 in Metropol Orchestra; later he played for about a year in legendary rock band "Volán", meeting Gyula Bardóczy for the first time. During 1972-1978 Ádám was playing bass in a Hungarian band named "Universal", which released several successful albums and singles. After leaving "Universal" Ádám turned up as member of "Gemini", but in 1978 he already transfered to disco band "Kati és a Kerek Perec" created by other members of "Volán", bass player Ernő Kiss and singer/keyboard player Kati Nagy. With Ádám "Kati és a Kerek Perec" released their greatest hit, a song titled "Titanic" (1979) which was declared "song of a year" in Hungary, and dynamic dancing songs "Csak Egy Képregény" and "Tizenöt Nyár".

In the late 1970s "Kati és a Kerek Perec" actively collaborated with another Hungarian disco pop band "Neoton Família". One year later Ádám Végvári joined this band instead, eventually greatly influenting their works, making them sound somewhat like "Kati és a Kerek Perec" famous hit songs. Three next albums of "Neoton Família" — "Marathon" (1980), "A família" (1981) and "Szerencsejáték" (1982) — became the band's best ever albums.

In October 1983 Ádám and "Neoton Família"'s lead singer Éva Csepregi got Tokio Yamaha Festival Grand Prix with a song titled "Time Goes By". The public liked Ádám and Éva's duo very much, so they had to keep playing lovers on stage which was a shock for Ádám's real wife at first. That also became a cornerstone of Ádám and Éva's personal collaborative relationship. As Éva began her solo career a year later, Ádám helped her immensely with her albums in musical department. Also in 1985 they recorded a duo album that was unsurprisingly called "Ádám És Éva" ("Adam And Eva"). One year later their duo sang a song titled "Love Is Magic" as "Neoton Família" performed at Seoul 8th International Music Festival, garnering a prestigious "Most Outstanding Performance Award". 

In 1987 Ádám debuted as a composer, recording his sole solo album titled "Ádám - Éva Nélkül" ("Ádám Without Éva "). Éva Pál, another ex-member of "Neoton Família", recorded backing vocals for this album. Best songs from this album, "Kalandra Srácok" ("Lads Adventure"), "Sors Szimfónia" ("Symphony of Destiny"), "Imádlak, Így Egyszerűen" ("I Love You, As Simply As That") and "Horror" were well-known in USSR and East European countries during the late 1980s-early 1990s. The same year Ádám took part in recording his second duo album with Éva Csepregi, who wrote all the lyrics for this album.

After "Neoton Família"'s 1990 breakup Ádám kept working together with Éva in a new band called "Éva-Neoton" which was popular both in Hungary and abroad. He participated in recording and release of four albums, two cover collections and a musical audio tale. As Éva was raising her little son in 1993, Ádám recorded a duo album with a second singer of "Éva-Neoton", Renáta Rajcs, touring Hungary and the neighboring countries with her.

After "Éva-Neoton" went over in 1994 Ádám formed a band named "Ádám's Family" which included János Baracs (ex-bass player of "Neoton Família"), producer Ákos Lukács and singers Erika Gulyás, Judit (Judy) Kis and Adrienn Szekeres alongside himself. The band's first and last album was called "Hirek" ("News"), marked with a sound that was harder than the sound of Ádám's previous works. "Adam's Family" planned a grand stage show which would feature every former member of "Neoton Família", but due to the death of one such member, György Jakab, this plan wasn't carried out to fruition. Ex-members of "Neoton Família" gathered to perform together only in 1998 to commemorate their departed colleague. A year later Ádám and Éva renewed their collaboration, recording a third duo album.

In 2005, following fan requests, Ádám and the other ex-members of "Neoton Família" staged a three-hour show at huge arena. After this grand show's success its four participants, Éva Csepregi, Ádám Végvári, János Baracs and Gyula Bardóczi, organized a series of concerts throughout Hungary and in the neighboring countries.


1985 — Ádám És Éva (duo with Éva Csepregi) 
1987 — Ádám — Éva Nélkül ("Without Eva", solo album) 
1987 — Ádám, Álmodj Csak Tovább (2nd duo with Éva Csepregi) 
1993 — Best Of Modern Talking Magyarul (cover compilation, duo with László Polgári) 
1993 — Ádám És Renáta (duo with Renáta Rajcs) 
1994 — Hirek ("Adam's Family" album) 
1999 — Ádámtól Éváig (3rd duo with Éva Csepregi) 
2008 — Karácsony (4th duo with Éva Csepregi)

By Mikhail Badanin
Translated into English by Andrey Sinelnikov